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11th August 2020

1300SMILES Dentists announces Soccer Naming Rights Sponsorship


For the past 55 years, Brolga Park has been home to soccer in the north, and we are excited to announce that 1300SMILES Dentists have secured the naming rights of the Park for three years and will be renamed 1300SMILES Active Park.


Football Queensland North General Manager, Declan Carnes, has welcomed the announcement as another encouraging sign of the strength of soccer in North Queensland.


“It is very exciting to have 1300SMILES Dentists on board to be the naming rights sponsor of 1300SMILES Active Park and we look forward to working together to make their first season of the competition a successful one,” Mr Carnes said.


“The major purpose of Football Queensland North is to inspire boys and girls to be active and participate, and it is fantastic to have a well-known Australian owned company 1300SMILES Dentists supporting this ambition,” added Mr Carnes.


1300SMILES Dentists held the naming rights sponsorship of 1300SMILES Stadium for seven years and has now shifted focus to grass roots sport soccer, referred to nationally as the world game of Football.


1300SMILES Managing Director, Daryl Holmes said, “I visit the park regularly with my children and have been impressed with the ongoing improvements the park provides. When the opportunity for sponsorship arose, we leapt at the chance to support soccer in the region and the community and volunteers it represents.”


1300SMILES Active Park will be home to over 3,000 players this season, throughout the North Queensland football zone, and there is more exciting news to come in relation to this partnership. Stay tuned for more information on how the community can get involved in local soccer.

Yours sincerely,


Declan Carnes

General Manager

Football Queensland North


18th April 2020


Hi Football Family,

While I share your frustrations and disappointment that we are not all enjoying the football season at the moment, I thank you all for your support in helping our community slow the spread of the virus. Your adherence, patience, and messages of support in these troubling times for our community and our sport is truly appreciated.

I have recently met with all the clubs via Zoom to discuss our situation and what measures are needed to support members, clubs and the sport in general. We are all supportive of one another and united in ensuring no member, club or association will suffer more than they can bear.

However, as the General Manager of the football governing body for North Queensland, I need to ask for continued support for your club, sponsors and association to ensure football in our city and region can survive and prosper into the future.

The Football Queensland North Board, staff and clubs are resolute to get a season off the ground this year and we are preparing for a number of scenarios to that end. However, I thought I’d first provide you with an update on the current state of affairs across the football region and highlight the pressures being felt by all concerned.

We realise each club member of the football family is in a different financial position and may be suffering with differing levels of financial pressure. We do empathise, but we need to also realise that your club and the NQ Football Zone is facing our own significant pressures.

Our sport’s primary source of revenue is through registration fees, sponsorship and government grants, each of which have conditions attached. At the moment, all clubs are facing an uncertain period where expenses are still being borne whilst income is being severely impacted. If our clubs and sport is to survive this pandemic, we need your help wherever you can help.

You may have recently received a request from your club to continue making payments on outstanding fees, supporting club loyal sponsors and not seeking a refund unless it’s absolutely necessary. Can I encourage you, wherever you can, to continue to assist in this endeavour.

As “Not for Profit” volunteer organisations, clubs are always under financial pressure and are reliant on their membership, sponsors and government for funding. The clubs and the sport generally reinvests any profits made back into growing the game. With hurt being felt in all levels of funding, combined with the expenses already absorbed by clubs in order to get a season started, they are in need of your help.

The NQ Football zone has the same challenges, however on a larger scale with the zone being responsible for competition administration, field management, facilities, marketing, game development to name a few. Although we have reduced expenditure to an absolute minimum, there are expenses that are irreducible in order for us to exist and continue to work on producing a season for 2020. In the background, the zone is working with all levels of government to discuss assistance packages. However, we cannot rely on any level of government assisting us with our requirements, given the amount of requests being fielded Australia wide.

I know each of you will be experiencing your own challenges, please be assured where we can assist those in financial hurt we will discuss one on one and hopefully come up with a solution. However, please note whilst we are still working on a 2020 Season, the zone and the clubs ask if you can to support us by not seeking any registration refund, it would be greatly appreciated.

I have attached a copy of an article published on Sunday 5 April 20 in the Courier Mail which outlines “Local Clubs in Battle to Survive”. Can I ask that you take some time to read this article, as it highlights similar issues being faced around the wider football family.

You can be assured the zone and clubs are united in their approach to do whatever possible to ensure a 2020 season takes place. The season may look different to what you have experienced in the past, however we are all in agreement we must do our best to ensure a season goes ahead to ensure the longevity of our game beyond 2020. As we approach the 30th of June, we will be in constant discussions with clubs to advise how the season might look with the hope you will join us in putting boots and enjoyment back on park in whatever format is achievable.

I encourage you all to assist where you can, in a time where the volunteers at your club need your support so we can all come out of this pandemic as unscathed as we possibly can. I am confident and comforted in the knowledge that if we as a Football Community have a unified approach we will survive and our game will be saved.

I sincerely thank you all for your support and patience and I’m thoroughly looking forward to getting you all safely back on the park in 2020 and enjoying our sport in future years to come.

Yours sincerely,


Declan Carnes

General Manager

Football Queensland North



2nd April 2020


Good Afternoon Football Family,


I hope this message finds you all safe and healthy during this unprecedented event that is unfolding around the world.

After yesterdays’ announcement from FFA and Football Queensland suspending all football related activities and postponing the 2020 NQ football competition until the start of July, I would like to give everyone in our football the confidence that we will see a competition in 2020, we will be back on the park and we will all have the opportunity to enjoy the game we all love so much, it just might look a little different then what we are used to.

Since the first announcement of the suspension back in March, NQ Football has been hoping for the best, but planning for the worst, immediately liaising with club executive’s, whom despite being all volunteers, despite still facing the same challenges we are all facing, have still put time and effort into ensuring our sport comes out the other end of the period strong as ever.

I know we are facing huge challenges at this point in time, no one was prepared for this, no one knew what was coming, but like a family we must all stick together, work together, work through the challenge In-front of us, and before we know it we will be back on the pitch playing, refereeing, coaching and supporting the game we all love.

Despite the issues we are now currently facing, could I please ask for some patience with your club committee members, they are all volunteers and are all trying to work their way through this process at club land, whilst also caring and ensuring for the safety of their families and loved ones, which at this current point in time is the most important thing that we need be worrying about.

Protecting the health and wellbeing of our players, staff, members and fans is our first priority.  Part of that is also doing our best as a zone, clubs and as individuals to contain and delay the spread of the virus as a community, to give our health services the best possible chance to deal with the sick and to better protect the more vulnerable members of our community.

With everything aside, NQ football is 100% preparing for a 2020 NQ Football season, together with club executives we have been putting together options for how a 2020 season may look, below is just one example.

In difficult times, football brings hope, happiness and enjoyment to people and we know that that’s an important role NQ Football can play in 2020.  We are determined to play that role.

Once again, thank you for you all your contributions and being part of the NQ football family, stay safe and healthy, and we’ll be in touch with further updates as soon as we can.

Yours sincerely

Declan Carnes

General Manager

North Queensland Football Limited


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