2018 Media Accreditation Request

Please complete this form if you are a photographer for a club, a freelance photographer or represent a news organisation.

The purpose of this application form is to assist us in keeping a record of who is providing photographic services for clubs and media outlets, or who may be taking photos on a regular basis and require accreditation as a form of ID. 

Media accreditation must be displayed for the purpose of entering the inner perimeter of the field of play to carry out the purpose of photography. Without accrediation, you are not permitted to be inside field perimeter fencing. 

Persons wishing to apply for accrediation and intending to photograph games involving junior participants, must provide details of a valid current Blue Card below.

Please note that the use of drones is prohibited during Football Brisbane administered games unless you are a fully licensed commercial operator and have provided us with a copy of your license. 

We aim to dispatch media accreditation passes within 10 working days of receiving applications.


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