F-MARC developed in 2003 “The 11+”, a prevention programme for amateur players, whose effectiveness has been impressively proven in Switzerland.

The nationwide implementation (2004-2008) led to a significant decrease in injuries during matches and training, proving not only the effectiveness of
theprogramme, but that it is easily and broadly applicable
(paper available in DOWNLOAD). Since then, “The 11” has been further developed (2006) into a more comprehensive programme: “11+”.

11+ is a complete warm-up programme to reduce injuries among male and female football players aged 14 years and older. The programme was developed by an international group of experts and its effectiveness has been proven in a scientific study (Norway, 2008).

Teams that performed 11+ at least twice a week had 30 – 50% less injured players (paper available in DOWNLOAD)
.The programme should be performed, as a standard warm-up, at the start of each training session at least twice a week and takes around 20 minutes to complete.

tomatches only the running exercises (parts 1 and 3) should or may be performed. For all exercises, correct performance is of great importance: please refer to the 11+ MANUAL for all details or the 11+ programme!


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