Under Clause 11.2 of the National Disciplinary Regulations, a player or official may appeal the Additional Disciplinary Sanction imposed in a Disciplinary Infringement Notice by notifying North Queensland Football within 7 days of the date on which the Disciplinary Infringement Notice was received using the Appeal Form (D5) available on the NQ Football website, and signed by the player and the club President or Secretary. 


It must include all documentation relevant to the appeal (player’s statement, any witness statements and any other statements). The appeal fee for Seniors ($250) must be paid at the time of lodgement of the appeal.  Appeals are to be sent to - manager@nqfootball.com.au 

Appeal fees:

  • Seniors - Hearing of an appeal against a Disciplinary Infringement Notice - $250. If the appeal is upheld (fully or partially), the appeal fee will be refunded.

  • Juniors - No appeal fee is applicable


No appeal will be allowed if the conditions set out in the previous paragraph are not met in full.


The Disciplinary Committee will review the submitted documentation to assess whether the appeal has sufficient grounds to be heard. The onus is on the appellant to provide sufficient argument in that documentation to convince the Disciplinary Committee that the appeal should be heard.


Facts contained in the Match Officials’ reports are presumed to be accurate. Proof of the inaccuracy of the contents of these reports may be provided by any party.  If an appeal is to be heard, any further documents supporting the charge, appeal conditions and notification of the date and time of the hearing will be forwarded to all parties as soon as the appeal is scheduled.

If an appeal against an additional disciplinary sanction is unable to be heard prior to the commencement of that suspension, the player or official will be allowed to participate in the next match pending the hearing of the appeal.  The fact of the player participating in that next match signifies that a lodged appeal will proceed.  Should the appeal be withdrawn, then the result of such a match will be recorded as a 3-0 win in favour of the opposing team, unless the final result was of a greater margin in favour of the opposing team, and the points will be awarded to the opposing team.

In hearing an appeal, the Disciplinary Committee has the power to overturn, confirm, suspend, increase or decrease the additional disciplinary sanction against which an appeal is made.


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