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Brothers TSV Football Club Inc

Contact: Daniel Cottam - 0414 614 210 (Juniors) 
Steven McNaughton- 0439 808 772 (Seniors)

E:  team@brotherstownsvillefc.com

Facebook: Brothers TSV Football Club

Website: www.brotherstownsvillefc.com

A: PO Box 424 Aitkenvale QLD 4814

Home Ground: Hi Vista Park, Cnr Bayswater Rd and Banfield Drive, Mount Louisa


Burdekin Junior Football Club

Contact: Leighton Gallagher - 0431 614 846

Facebook: Burdekin Football Juniors Inc

Website: http://bfji.com.au/

Home Ground: Burdekin Football Junior Fields, Beach Rd, Ayr 


Burdekin Senior Football Club

Contact: Laurence Dal Santo – 0428 831 053

E: burdekinfc@hotmail.com

A: PO Box 909 Ayr QLD 4807

Home Ground: International Park, Park Beach Rd, Ayr


Estates Football Club

Contact: Paul Neary – 0423 166 733

E: president@estatesfc.com.au

Facebook: Estates FC

Website: www.estatesfc.com.au

A: 45 Templeton Crescent, Douglas QLD 4814

Home Ground: Victoria Park, 14-16 Tully St, South Townsville


Goldfields United Hawks Football Club

Contact: Paul Ansell – 0407 762 263

E: paul.ansell@pcyc.org.au

Facebook: Goldfields United Hawks FC

Website: https://goldfieldsunited.teamapp.com/

A: PO Box 16, Charters Towers QLD 4820

Home Ground: Charters Towers PCYC, 29-35 Enterprise Rd, Charters Towers


Ingham Football Club

Contact: Nick Rinaudo - 0417 195 592

E: inghamfc@outlook.com

Facebook: Ingham FC

A: PO Box 1084 Ingham QLD 4850

Home Ground: Augie Pane Fields, Sportsman Parade - Fairford Rd, Ingham Q 4850


MA Olympic Football Club

Contact: James Wallace – 0416 109 716 (Seniors) 

Sheena King - 0407 634 516 (Juniors)

E: info@maolympic.org.au

Facebook: MA Olympic FC

Website: http://www.maolympic.org.au/

A: PO Box 4841 Kirwan QLD 4817

Home Ground: 16 Burt St, Mundingburra


Northern Beaches United Football Club

Contact: Jessica Griffiths – 0402 809 036

E: northernbeachesfc@gmail.com

Facebook: Northern Beaches United Football Club

Website:  http://websites.sportstg.com/club_info.cgi?clubID=137018&c=1-9391-0-0-0

A: PO Box 252 Deeragun QLD 4818

Home Ground: Broadmeadows Park, Maxwell Drive, Jensen


Rebels FC

Contact: Marion Heath – 0448 569 911

E: admin@rebelsfc.com.au 

Facebook: Rebels FC Junior Gunners - Rebels FC Senior Gunners

Website: www.rebelsfc.com.au

A: PO Box 1015 Thuringowa Central, QLD 4817

Home Ground: Greenwood Park, Thuringowa Drive Kirwan


Riverway Vikings FC

Contact: Tim Wilkie - 0497 232 885

E: vikingspresident@gmail.com

Facebook: Riverway Vikings FC

A: PO Box 10057 Rasmussen QLD 4815

Home Ground: Charles Moroney Park, Clint St, Kelso


Ross River Senior (JCU) FC

Contact: Stef Neofitu - 0438 241 220

E: rossriverseniorfc@gmail.com

Facebook: Ross River Senior FC

Website: https://www.rossriverseniorfc.com/

A: PO Box 1, JAMES Cook University, Douglas QLD 4814

Home Ground: Joe Baker Field, James Cook University

Training Ground: AFL Field, James Cook University


Saints Eagles South FC

Contact: Terry West - 0402 885 828

E: mail@sesfc.com

Facebook: Saints Eagles Souths Football Club

Website: http://websites.sportstg.com/club_info.cgi?c=1-9391-137026-0-0&sID=265379

A: PO Box 3462 Hermit Park, QLD 4812

Senior Home Ground and Clubhouse: Aitkenvale Park, Petunia St, Aitkenvale

Junior Home Ground and Clubhouse: Gordon Park, Marron Cres, Mundingburra


Townsville Warriors

Contact: Brett Ramsbotham - 0400 056 449

E: secretarytwfc@gmail.com

Facebook: Townsville Warriors Junior Football and Townsville Warriors Football Club - Seniors

Website: www.townsvillewarriorsfc.com.au

A: PO Box 5040 Townsville, QLD 4810

Home Ground: Melrose Park, Chandler St, Garbutt


Wulguru United Football Club

Contact: Simone Robinson - 0400 878 730

E: wulguruufc@gmail.com

Website: www.wulguruunitedfc.com

Facebook: Wulguru United Football Club

A: PO Box 2048 Idalia QLD 4811

Home Ground: Wulguru Park, Edison St, Wulguru