2020 Season Pass

Season passes are available to purchase from the NQ Football Office.

A season pass gets a individual pass holder into the ground for every event at Brolga Park.

Each day constituents a new event so if NQ Football schedules 2 rounds on the same weekend it will require 2 tickets to be purchased for entry to the park.

All season passes are restricted to the pass holder and hold a photo for identification.


All season pass holders are entitled to discounts on the website from local sponsors found at www.nqfootball.com.au/offers


Refund Policy – All refunds are subject to approval from the board of North Queensland Football and will be assessed over a 30 day period between board meetings. As a general rule there will be no refunds and NQ Football will do everything in their power to create a competition with the advertised rounds. If the rounds played do not equal the cost of the gate entry, NQ Football will refund the applicable amount of money.


Example – a season pass costs $80, and there was 24 rounds. If NQ Football can only deliver 15 rounds. Cost would have been $75. A refund of $5 will be payable to that pass holder.


Season Pass Costs


$80 Season Pass

$70 If you are a registered club Volunteer
(this allows clubs to sign up volunteers at their parks)

$70 Pensioners


Gate Entry  $5

Pensioners $4

Volunteers to FQ North at this facility – Free (Enquire with manager@nqfootball.com.au)

Registered Coaches & Managers – Free


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